About Us


I'm Tatia, a licensed nail technician and the founder of Marilyn X Cosmetics! Since 2015, we've been an innovator in cruelty-free, bold, and richly-pigmented cosmetics. We make super sexy makeup & cosmetics and believe in freedom, self-love, self expression and inclusiveness through makeup and cosmetics. I want everyone to be their own kind of Sexxy and Sooo F’in Xtra.

My cosmetics journey began in 2015 with a single product, LipTaffy which was a perfect hybrid of lip-gloss and lipstick. I was frustrated that makeup was not wholly inclusive of all skin tones and types, and certainly you could not find bold makeup for sensitive skin. I began to develop my own unique brand of cosmetics for people like me who experienced sensitive skin but loved makeup & cosmetics and wanted to be different and also love all things bling; gold, silver, diamonds, crystals, glitter, luxury and just being sexy and Sooo F’in Xtra!

Our first collection of LipTaffy was full of super pigmented LipTaffy with a wide range of bright fun colors. We are now expanding our range of products to include vegan MatteTaffy, Magnetic Lashes, Liquid Eyeshadows, Liquid Highlighters and so much more in the years to come.

ALWAYS CRUELTY FREE, vegan, eco-friendly and 90% handcrafted. Sensitive skin safe and eco-friendly was never a question. To me, eco-friendly and sensitive skin safe isn't just a marketing gimmick these qualities are close to my heart for many reasons. By offering a beautiful selection of sensitive skin and eco-friendly - most of them vegan and handcrafted - I hope to show people how sexy it is to make eco-friendly sensitive skin choices. Seeing my vision come to life has been a dream come true!


Stay Sexy and Sooo F’in Xtra,

XOXO Tatia



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